ItutorLive, a subsidary of Itutor Academy which has been operating since 2011, focuses on delivering online tutoring using our own interactive whiteboard. We strongly believe in the potential of every child and dedicate ourselves in helping each child reach their full potential. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that education is a gift that every child should receive. There are many reasons why ItutorLive stands above the rest. Below is a collection of some of the main reasons why your child should enroll in our program. 

Role Model Tutors

Our tutors are carefully selected & certified experts in their fields, either studying at a university or possessing relevant university Bachelor’s and Masters/PhD degrees. We believe that a well-rounded, engaged and dedicated tutor is not just a teacher, but a mentor and role model as well. Our frontline service begins with these amazing educators, striving to inspire and challenge students to reach their fullest potentials. 

Developing Connections

By supporting a small-group learning environment, iTutorLive has been responsible for helping students form lasting friendships inside and outside of tutoring, allowing them to know friendly faces during their transition into high school, university and beyond. 

Endless Practice Problems

We have worked hard at creating an electronic databank and software program for generating practice problems, worksheets and quizzes, designed to prepare students for their tests. By giving them sufficient exposure to curriculum-focused questions, we are able to identify and work through any weaknesses a student may have. Through this interactive style of learning, we find that students perform markedly better on their in-class assessments and exams.

24/7 Support

Got an assignment to hand in next day? Our tutors are available anytime!

Affordable Fees

We believe that a child’s education expense should not be the parent’s burden. Our programs’ rates are as low as $15 per hour! Unlike other tutoring services, we offer higher quality tutoring at lower prices. Attend a trial tutoring session for free!

Meet Instructors

Top & FamousInstructor in Your City

Kitty Tan

University of Alberta, B.Ed.

Don Tran

University of Alberta, Ph.D.

Tracy Thai

University of Alberta, B.Sc.

Hanh-Thuc Tran

University of Alberta, Ph.D.

Caroline Tran

University of Alberta, B.Sc.

Maya Beakhouse

University of British Columbia

Heidi Tran

University of Alberta, B.Com.

Michelle Tran

University of Alberta, B.A..

Rahmat Saeedi

University of Alberta, B.Sc.

Brandan Nguyen

Simon Fraser University, B.A.

nbt tran

University of Ottawa, Engineer

Daren Trinh

University of Alberta, BSc.

Phoebe Chin

University of Alberta, BSc.

Dawn Tran

Certified teacher

Nathan Brandwein

PharmD candidate, MSc, BSc

Arjun Sharma

University of Alberta, BSc.

Cassandra Ganje

University of Alberta, BSc.

Michelle Darby

University of Alberta

Judy Ali


Jennifer Vo


Khai Nguyen


James Cheng

B.Eng Undergrad

Cindy Nguyen

Nursing Student



Kim Hang


Helene Duong

University of Alberta, B.Com

Jordan Hoang

BEd, Teacher

Khoi Pham


Alex Lim

Master of Science

Harish Ramesh

B.Sc. student at U of A

Keefe Yap

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Yining Han


Matthew Kim

University Student

Bryan Tong

BSc, Civil Engineering

Tim Bui

B.Com. student

Jade Li

Bachelors of Science

Ronald Ho


Tammy Vo

B.Sc. Student

Harry Xing

University of Alberta, B.Sc.

Harry Zhang

Engineering student at UBC

Austin Bosh


Sabrina Leung

University of Alberta, B.Ed.

Jada Leung

University of Alberta, B.Ed.

Kim Hoang


Jackson Graham


Aimy Chau


Yijun Tan


Nikkita Singh


Nam Thai

Biological sciences student

Iris Ho

University of Alberta, B. Kin.

Tiffany Ngo

University of Alberta Student

Jerrica Sandoval

2nd Year University Student

Joanne Hoong


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