What is Summer Learning Loss?

Want to know what summer learning loss is and how it affects you?

Have you ever learned how to solve something in school and then came back from a long break and forgot how to solve it?

If you have, then you experienced summer learning loss.

Summer learning loss is this phenomenon where students forget facts, concepts, and how to solve questions because they don’t practice them and don’t think about them.

For instance, if you a student learned how to solve algebraic equations a couple of months before summer break, and doesn’t practise or think about it all summer, they will forget how to solve it.

Can Adults Experience Learning Loss?

Additionally, learning loss applies to adults as well.

Think way back to your high school (or even university) days. Try to remember a course that you didn’t enjoy, but had to take.

Now, try to find an equation for that subject and solve it. Or try to find a concept from a certain subject and explain it.

You most likely couldn’t do it.

The reason why is because of learning loss. You haven’t thought about this subject in a long time and haven’t practiced it, either and forgot it.

But I’m sure if you put in a little time and effort, you will remember how to solve that problem or explain that concept.

How Can Students Prevent Learning Loss?

The best way for students to prevent learning loss is to practice as often as possible.

This can be done through workbooks, worksheets, or summer tutoring programs.

For example, iTutor’s summer program allows students to review the previous school year’s work.

By attending these tutorials, the students will get to review, practice, and work on their weak points, which will prepare them for the following grade.


Learning loss is a real problem that affects many students.

It causes them to waste time at the beginning of each school year because they have to review everything that was learned in the previous year.

So, if you want to prevent summer learning loss and get ahead of your class, practice the skills via workbooks or attending summer tutoring sessions.

Nam Tran


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